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Package stuck at Customs

DHL Express informs us that some orders are subject to the usual customs controls, preventing them from being delivered to you within the announced deadlines. Please note that this is a disruption totally beyond our control; despite this, we will do our utmost to remedy the situation.

How do I release my package with DHL?

The procedure is very simple. We kindly ask you to contact DHL Express customer service through this link, and request customs clearance from their customer service department. It will be treated by their care as soon as possible, and you will then be informed of the progress of the follow-up of your parcel.

I do not want to pay the customs fee.

Unfortunately, as per as our policies, we cannot refund an order that got stuck in customs nor refund the release amount, as it is out of our will and control. However, note that the local customs policy may vary depending on the country, which means the delay they hold the package can change before they destroy it.